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I'd just like to say before I actually do the reviewing that you take criticism very well!

I've been seen this but I'm just now reviewing it lol. The action was the center point of this flash. It was pretty constant and the only time it paused was when somebody was taunting or when someone powered up, but it was brief and still kept the flow going. I like the story of different dimensions and such, simple yet complex in the way of which you are using it.

Overall great flash/sprite movie. Looking forward to the next episode =). Until then I'll be watching this to help me with my first SF sprite fight lol (I won't steal anything from you). Maybe you can watch it when it's released and give me pointers...the length of it won't be that long though.

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Just wow

I'm mad that the collab died, you probably had the best part.

The animation was consistent and fast, the action was steady and the sounds/effects were great! The only problem that I see is that you need to switch sprites. I use to use these to, but luckily someone told me that using different ones (better quality sprites in my opinion) would do better in my score. As predicted it boosted my scores tremendously.

Your sprite fights are awesome, but I think you just need to use better-looking sprites. Otherwise, your score will be lacking in what needs to be way higher. I won't take off because of that though because this is still great work.

Good job on the sprite movie/failed collab part and hope you continue to do work just as awesome =)

Truly funny lmao!

I found this to be a truly funny flash. The drawings were good and the jokes made throughout the flash was funny and creative lol. I found the Mr. Popo one to be one of the funniest, while the one where Vegeta was getting blasted by the Kamehameha, spirit bomb, and sat on by the Oozaru (h/e you spell it) was the funniest.

Good job with the humor and thx for uploading this to Newgrounds for people like me to see. You all did a good job with your parts.

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Snicp responds:

thanks :)

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Helped a bit

I like it, actually learned something that I didn't know about but wondered for awhile. Didn't know how people made it seem that sprites were being pulled back down by gravity when they jumped, but found out that when they tweened they used the ease in/out option, so yeah =D.

Overall this is good, more sprite artist need to look at this so they can bring better quality work to Newgrounds.

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I love it lol. This would seem perfect for episode 3 of my series for an opening song going into the battle. If it's ok with you I want to use this =)

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IlIlIlIlIl responds:

sounds like a good idea. let me know when its done. good luck.


Nice, I mainly like the beginning part. Like the flow and sounds used throughout the song. I also used this song in my new series (the beginning portion), as you can see lol. I think it fit in quite nicely.

Thx for the great song that I was able to use for my work

(Sorry that I'm just now reviewing this)

I like it!

Every time i turn this song on I start bouncing around lol. Great song, I might have future use for this if you don't mind.

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