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I may quit spriting

2009-09-06 23:03:15 by Tactical0125

Well, lately spriting hasn't become really an enjoyable hobby anymore. It's basically something I DRAG myself to do, and that's not good. So I have been going over it a couple of times and I think that I may quit spriting. I'll try and finish off my Goku Turns Evil series first (due to this, Episode 4 will be the last episode of the series). School actually doesn't take as much time as I say it does, but I really need to get a job soon.

And once I get a job, doing flash sprite animations will be out of the question. Mainly though, I just think it's time to stop because I don't enjoy doing it anymore. I get up and go to school on campus and then come home and check up on my online classes each day, study and what not. Then it hits me that I need to work on w/e sprite project I have running. I don't enjoy opening flash anymore, it opens slow and I'm not as creative with my work (if I ever was).

There are people that sprite animate ten times as better as I do and there is no point half-assing on my work if I can't at least be a decent competitor, if you look at it in that sense, most people's votes towards submission probably go with that as well. I have even been thinking about not finishing GTE, especially since I don't think it will be that good to begin with (the last episode).

I figured though, that I might as well go out with a bang at when I start on it I may actually switch sprites to pull out all the stops (really this time). Aside from that, my very short sprite fight, Wolverine vs Ryu, will be out next week. I probably shouldn't have even did it since it's so short but I just wanted to see how well I animate with those particular sprites.

Either way, Goku Turns Evil Episode 4 will be my last sprite animation...unless I change my mind which I doubt. It will be my first successful, completed, and last series. I'm sorry to the people that told me to never stop sprite animating because I'm good at it, but I'll have to disagree. I'm ok at it, but not good and certainly not great. I commend the other people that do take the time out of their life to provide entertainment for Newgrounds, which is what people don't understand (sprite and draw-based animations alike). It was fun while it last, but I just can't do it least the sprite haters will have one less sprite animator to worry about anyway.

I'll still be reviewing submissions and what not on Newgrounds, I just won't be submitting anything anymore. Shout out to all my other fellow sprite animators though lol.



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2009-09-06 23:35:31

all right but your was awesome man you can quit if you want it's you decison


2009-09-07 16:55:37

Well, if thats what you want to believe that is up to you. There will always be competition no matter where you take your life to, no matter what job you may get, no matter how hard you try. If you say you don't want to animate sprites anymore because of the lost of interest, then just say so and we'll understand. Don't let the public arena get to you if thats what discourage you. You do have what it takes to get better so don't down yourself. Hell, everyone does.

However, you do sound like you have alot on your plate. I guess in this case its safe to tell you do what you gotta do and take your time in that. Don't do sprites if thats whats holding you back from what's really important. I hope you do well and get far.
Good luck to you man.


2009-09-07 17:14:26

Dude, you did acomplish a lot in "your time". But hey, I guess if you wanna quit, you quit, but I really encourage you not to. Because, just because others are getting good, doesn't mean to quit.

Though, I know what you're saying on how its becoming hard to animate with all the major competition, its still fun to animate.

Maybe you're bored, because you're bored of Jump Ultimate Stars! sprites. Try to use different ones, like bluekakashi has been exploring many different sprites. Just make sure you're making the right decision.


2011-02-03 15:13:02

what date r u gonmna make it