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Goku Turns Evil Episode 4

2009-09-13 21:49:56 by Tactical0125

Yup, I'm workin on it now lol. I've switched sprites (Super Sonic Warriors) so I won't be limited with the JUS ones. So far it's looking good, a preview will be uploaded to YouTube soon. I may upload one to spamtheweb or something and put it in this news posts or another one.

Here is a screenshot:

Goku Turns Evil Episode 4

I may quit spriting

2009-09-06 23:03:15 by Tactical0125

Well, lately spriting hasn't become really an enjoyable hobby anymore. It's basically something I DRAG myself to do, and that's not good. So I have been going over it a couple of times and I think that I may quit spriting. I'll try and finish off my Goku Turns Evil series first (due to this, Episode 4 will be the last episode of the series). School actually doesn't take as much time as I say it does, but I really need to get a job soon.

And once I get a job, doing flash sprite animations will be out of the question. Mainly though, I just think it's time to stop because I don't enjoy doing it anymore. I get up and go to school on campus and then come home and check up on my online classes each day, study and what not. Then it hits me that I need to work on w/e sprite project I have running. I don't enjoy opening flash anymore, it opens slow and I'm not as creative with my work (if I ever was).

There are people that sprite animate ten times as better as I do and there is no point half-assing on my work if I can't at least be a decent competitor, if you look at it in that sense, most people's votes towards submission probably go with that as well. I have even been thinking about not finishing GTE, especially since I don't think it will be that good to begin with (the last episode).

I figured though, that I might as well go out with a bang at when I start on it I may actually switch sprites to pull out all the stops (really this time). Aside from that, my very short sprite fight, Wolverine vs Ryu, will be out next week. I probably shouldn't have even did it since it's so short but I just wanted to see how well I animate with those particular sprites.

Either way, Goku Turns Evil Episode 4 will be my last sprite animation...unless I change my mind which I doubt. It will be my first successful, completed, and last series. I'm sorry to the people that told me to never stop sprite animating because I'm good at it, but I'll have to disagree. I'm ok at it, but not good and certainly not great. I commend the other people that do take the time out of their life to provide entertainment for Newgrounds, which is what people don't understand (sprite and draw-based animations alike). It was fun while it last, but I just can't do it least the sprite haters will have one less sprite animator to worry about anyway.

I'll still be reviewing submissions and what not on Newgrounds, I just won't be submitting anything anymore. Shout out to all my other fellow sprite animators though lol.


X-Men vs Street Fighter: Wolverine vs Ryu progress

2009-09-02 18:57:13 by Tactical0125

Sup Newgrounds,

This is about my current progress with Wolverine vs Ryu. This would be my second time working with Street Fighter sprites. The first time I worked with them was when I first started animating, it was all crappy and stuff and my computer lagged when trying to use the sprites so I just cut the project loose. Well, now I'm back with this lol.

Technically though, this would be my REAL first time using these sprites. So far the animation is average I would say, haven't even thought of anything out of the ordinary to spice it up lol. I can't really cocnentrate on it with school about to heavily take over my life =(

Anyway, I'll try to work on it when I can. I guess I will have to start making some kind of schedule to manage what I do with my time, then maybe I'll be able to do everything more effeciently (balance out school and hobbies).

Here is a screenshot:

X-Men vs Street Fighter: Wolverine vs Ryu progress

What I'm doing

2009-08-31 13:26:43 by Tactical0125

Sup Newgrounds, just thought I would inform the people that do care what would be going on with my flash work and what not.

I started school last week and it seems like it will be taking up most of my time, especially the online part. The good thing though is that my classes aren't that long and I only have one a day, the rest are online. Meaning I'll be online on the computer a lot, so I can still schedule time to do school work and work on flash (unless things go otherwise).

Currently I am workin with Street Fighter and X-Men sprites on a short sprite movie, X-men vs Street Fighter: Wolverine vs Ryu. It won't be too long and it's just to see how well I can animate the sprites. After that is over I will be continuing my series, Goku Turns Evil Episode 3. If you know my youtube channel then you can catch a PREVIEW of the episode when I release it (I always upload one lol). My youtube is by the way.

Well until then Newgrounds, I might upload screenshots and things of my work(s) to show you my progress. Hope to here from fans on this news post but also when my work is released!

Future Plans

2009-07-07 06:14:33 by Tactical0125

Well for starters, Hitsugaya vs Ichigo part 2 is out in the portal right now so go check that out.

Now that I'm done with that little side project I'll be getting back to work on Goku Turns Evil episode 3. I cut Hitsugaya vs Ichigo short because I'm going to be doing editing to some of the things I'm using (voices, maybe sprites, etc) to Goku Turns Evil this episode (gotta give Goku that "evil" sound lol). College for me will start soon so I decided to go ahead and work on it now because there's no telling how everything will fit into my schedule at that point.

Tell me what you think, leave suggestions, anything that will help.

Goku Turns Evil Episode 3

2009-05-29 23:08:12 by Tactical0125

Well, after seeing the results of Goku Turns Evil Episode 2 I am sorta pissed. The score was pretty good, but it kept being played with, meaning I did something wrong.

I see the errors that I made and the improvements that should be done, so don't be expecting the next episode anytime soon. The next one will be longer, I will try my best to make everything smoother, and the little mistakes I made will be taken care of.

I hope that when I submit the next episode that I will see an improvement in my score, otherwise I don't know what I'll do. I had an enormous amount of freetime which was why this one was made so quickly (although the length probably should of been longer). I will get to work on the opening fight scene for the next episode and then stop to reconfigure a lot of things that needs to be done.

Until then...

I guess this would be a quick preview of what I have at the moment. /11086_Goku_Turns_Evil_2.php

It's a bit slow right now, but the action WILL pick up a little bit later on in the fight scene. If you see any errors tell me and point out what I can improve and what not.

Abusive Reviews

2009-05-21 22:07:19 by Tactical0125

*I just got a bronze whistle* xD (Thursday May 21, 2009 at 11:03 EST time)

They are always out in the Portal, stupid people just saying stupid things because they probably don't have anything else better to do; let alone not being able to stay constructive with their criticism. Most are because people submit under average flashes or just bad flashes in general.

If you want to help me (and many others) keep Newgrounds clean of the trash (while helping your whistle points/status as an award) then help me find the abusive reviews and flag them. Make sure that they break the review guidelines and only if it's serious, not that itty bitty stuff:

" * Stay on the topic of the submission and do not make personal remarks or insults towards the author. This is a big offense. Telling artists "You suck!", "You should go kill yourself!", "You are gay!" etc., will get you banned and you may lose your account. Without our contributors Newgrounds wouldn't be what it is, so we take seriously any insults directed at them by reviewers.

* Do not post TONS and TONS of crappy reviews just to get high in the rankings. If we catch someone doing this we will delete all their reviews - wouldn't that be a pain in the ass? Take your time and write a sincere review for every movie you wish to critique. Make sure your review is relative to the submission. Reviews that are found to offer no benefit to the author may be deleted.

* Do not use the review space for the purpose of promoting things. Stick to reviewing the movies - we don't want to hear about how great your website is. Also, posting links to websites that reward you for sending hits is prohibited; we will delete your account for the first offense with no warning. Posting unrelated links is also prohibited and will result in a ban.

* Do not flood the review title or body. Examples would be long strings of characters or words with no breaks or repeating words or phrases over and over. Do not submit images made from text and characters, as this will also get you banned.

* Do not use reviews to express your feelings that the entry should be BLAMMED. If you post "BLAM this" or something similar you will be banned. Use the review option to tell the author how they can improve their work.

* Do not use the review field to address other user's reviews you didn't agree with. You are to be reviewing the submission, not other people's reviews.

* If you believe an entry is stolen, do not comment about it in your review. If you are wrong, you may convince other users that the entry is stolen and you may cause a legitimate entry to receive an unfairly low score, or have the whistle blown on it. Use the whistle option, if available, to flag the entry as stolen when you believe that is the case. If there is no whistle option available (the entry is no longer under judgment) contact Wade with as many details as you can about the stolen Flash and where you think it was stolen from.

* If you think a submission doesn't belong on the front page of the site or shouldn't be featured in special sections of the site, keep it to yourself. The submissions on the front page and in special sections of the site are put there by our staff, not by the author. Keep your focus on how the person who submitted might improve their work."

People break most of these all the time, but as said, try not to flag them unless they are serious. Here are the "serious" ones:

"You SUCK"

"This was bad' (with no extra advice/criticism)

"BLAM this PIECE OF CRAP!!!" (with no extra advice/criticism)

"I voted it a 1 because it didn't have any music!!!"

Flag stuff like those, but if you have to think about it before you flag it then don't flag it at all. Don't go too crazy with the flag unless you are sure you are flagging abusive content. If it's not abusive then you will lose lots of whistle points (and the MODS don't like clearing non-abusive reviews I'm sure)
so try to be careful.

If you are stuck on whether it's abusive or not then go here: 3518
Make sure you read everything so as to make sure your question is answered, they don't want you posting the same question over again.

There will be abusive reviews here to flag as well, if I find them then I'll put them up.

Abusive Reviews:

Goku Turns Evil Episode 2

2009-05-11 01:08:21 by Tactical0125

After finishing DragonBall Royale 2, I am now in the midst of making episode 2. I may hit you up with a preview in a news post, I don't know yet. I won't be working hard on it until after school is out though which is sometime the week after next. No specific date on when it will be out but I hope I can finish it soon, as long as ideas keep flowing.

Stay tuned for my next news post.

So What's Next?

2009-02-06 20:45:33 by Tactical0125

So what is it that I'm going to be doing next? Since I uploaded the first episode to my series, Goku Turns Evil, it got a daily award but in the reviews there were some errors and such pointed out. As a response, I'm in the midst of doing a test movie to help with my fight scenes and errors. It prob won't be uploaded to Newgrounds, as you people hate random sprite movies and short movies anyway.

After that I was hoping to actually make a sequel to DragonBall Royale, if you haven't seen it then go look at it xD.

DragonBall Royale

Then after that, I would continue upon making Goku Turns Evil with Episode 2. Hopefully by then the test movie and DragonBall Royale would have given me enough practice to make it better than the last episode.